Are Kurdish names banned in Iran?

Yesterday I had a discussion with a group of Iranians in Germany who believe the name ”Jina/Zhina” and Kurdish names are banned in Iran. First of all, I know some ”Jinas” personally. Second, if you search in some Iranian databases, such as the database of dissertations and academic papers in Iran and search ”Jina,” you will find several authors with this name. Of course, you can search about the top ranks of Iran’s university entrance exam of Kurdistan province, where you can find some ”Jinas” again. Based on Iran’s notary offices, there are over 6000 Jinas in Iran. I had a classmate in my high school in Tehran; his name was Akam from Bukan. He had a brother named Alan and a sister named Rojan/Rozhan. My personal experience in 28 years of living in Iran and my online search have shown that the banning of Kurdish names in Iran, which even was stated by the UN, was fake news. Once a European TV said that Kurdish people are not allowed to wear their own dress in Iran, which this one was fake news too.

The follwoing photo is from a list of top university entrance ranks of Kurdistan province.

Madam Jina Fathi from Sarvabad, Kurdistan ranked 618.


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